Time&Energy. Posted on 04 Mar 11:31

It's been a while since I've been able 2 drop a note. Must admit that attempting 2 establish your own brand requires some serious time & energy.

Am I up for the challenge? Yep!...i am.

Though sales have been minimal over the last several months, I believe that in time this project could evolve into something more....along with the simple fact that it's amazingly fulfilling as an artist.

Thanks for all the support received so far & look forward 2 more of you. 

So until next time, stay peaceful & support the RevolUTION....

Stay tuned.


Peace!...with 2 fingers;)


Time 4 the Hoodies;) Posted on 05 Sep 15:01

Been a while since updating The Peace with 2 Collection but had the great idea of making some hoodies for the upcoming fall season. Initiating the creative process requires a bit of motivation so lets begin with a huge THANK YOU for the support received. What started as a small startup project has blossomed into a beautiful thing. Yes it has.

Be sure 2 look us up! Oh yeah!...


Peace!...with 2 fingers;)

Join The Peaceful Revolution. Posted on 15 Jun 09:50

Ok...I'm a month in with The Peace with 2 Collection & so far the response has been steady but need to establish grater reach with the public. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Google+...just to name the basics. I've realized that this takes continuous effort & work on my end so I'm up for the challenge. There's billions of people out there & I'm only looking for a quarter of that to join this Peaceful Revolution...ok, ok....all of em'!....

So come aboard!...until next time.

Oh by the way, wanted to thank family Danielle for her recent purchase. Now that made me smile;)

Peace!...with 2 fingers;)

2 Weeks In & Countin'. Posted on 01 Jun 13:39

It's been nearly 2 weeks since starting The Peace with 2 Collection & have had an amazing response from the general public. I've ordered several for promotions pieces & must admit, they're great! It's the type of t-shirt that fits the way it suppose 2. No flaring or over stretched collars, a durable, vintage feel, premium quality & are 100% fine jersey cotton. Now that's a T-Shirt! 

Next step is 2 create some funky promotion pieces 2 post on social media. Now this is the fun stuff! 

Don't forget 2 pick up a shirt since you're already here. Thanks!;)

Until next time.

Peace!....with 2 fingers;)

Day#3 - Mighty Positive. Posted on 14 May 23:50

Ok. This is day #3 since The Peace!...with 2 Collection was launched.

The response has been mighty positive & has inspired me 2 do even more.

Hmmmm....We'll see.

Wanna give a big thanks for Clifton for being the very first participant of my Collection & hope more would jump on in support.

It's always appreciated. No doubt!

Next time.


Peace!...with 2 fingers;)


Ok. 2 Day is The Day. Posted on 12 May 18:43

Ok then. Finally have enough product 2 start the Peace!...with 2 Collection. I'll be sure 2 add new stuff on a regular basis. When the creative bug comes, it come hard. Ya know. Keep you guys posted on the progress of this new amazing project. Next time.


Peace!...with 2 fingers;)


Day #1 - Something Fresh. Something New. Posted on 12 May 14:27

I think it's about time 2 take this Peace thing 2 new heights. What do I mean?

Marketing, promoting & creating has been my passion for several years so why now market & promote something! This is why I've created a newfound avenue where the "Peace" experienced could be literally shared with a variation of products.

You can't go wrong with a PW2 T shirt with it's snazzy colors...or how about a coffee mug for that morning coffee?

Hmm...skies the limit here so be sure 2 check in from time 2 time. Next time.


Peace!...with 2 fingers;)